Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find Rascal + Friends diapers?
We will be announcing our exclusive retail partner closer to launch.
Do your diapers use water-based inks?
Yes! The inks in our diapers are water-based. This is in line with our research and development and follows our eco guidelines. Our diaper colour has not been set by any nasty chemicals.
Do your diapers contain lotions, latex or fragrance?
No, Rascal + Friends diapers have no lotions, latex or fragrance.
My baby's diaper can smell like urine when full
Rascal + Friends do not use fragrance to mask the urine smell. Our diapers have a breathable backsheet to draw moisture away from delicate skin and keep your baby dry.
What are Rascal + Friends diapers made from?
The premium materials in Rascal + Friends diapers are sourced from around the world and the same as in all diapers worldwide. They are predominately made of: fluff pulp, super absorbent material (SAP), polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, polyethylene film, together with some fastening and elastic materials. All materials undergo a stringent product safety assessment and are manufactured under strict guidelines.
What is your 3D Core?
Rascal + Friends have taken advantage of a new innovation. Our 3D Core increases the absorbency area, creating absorbency channels down the side of the core to help prevent sneaky leaks. You can find these next to the Double leak guards. Check them out by lifting the 3D Core up. 
Our absorbency channels don't feature in Newborn (Size 1) diapers. This is because of the small volume of liquid produced by younger babies
Do you use super-absorbents in your products?
All disposable diapers use a type of super-absorbent, and our Rascal + Friends diapers use sodium polyacrylate (SAP) to draw out the moisture away from the baby and into the diaper.
Why has my baby's diaper started to leak at night?
The weight range on each of our packs is a guide only and quite often moving to the next size up will stop the leakage issues. The factors that can sometimes lead to leakage are the many movements your baby makes everyday, the nature of your baby's bowel and bladder habits and the size of the diaper your baby is wearing. That said we know every baby is different, so the occasional leakage problem can occur.
I'm finding the tabs short or too tight
Our tabs are designed to fasten closer to the hips compared to other leading brands. This is a new innovation and follows global trends. Especially for newborns this means less pressure on their precious belly button.
Why do Rascal + Friends not have boys and girls’ diapers? 
Rascal + Friends follows global trends of unisex diapers. Our diapers are carefully designed with new innovations to absorb moisture and provide maximum comfort in unisex design. 
Will you be bringing out Diaper Pants?
We are launching without diapers and hope to have our diaper pants available soon.
The size guide on the pack doesn't suit my baby
Our diapers are available in a range of sizes to suit every stage of development. Every Rascal + Friends diaper pack features a weight range to help parents select the most appropriate diaper for their baby. The weight chart is designed as a guide only with fit and comfort differing from baby to baby. This range is used as there is so much variation in baby's shape and build.
My baby is a tummy sleeper
Tummy sleepers are tricky, and most babies will go through this stage of tummy sleeping. Try moving to the next size up so the diaper sits higher. Another trick is putting the diaper on back to front at night.
Are your diapers cruelty free and vegan?
Yes, our diapers are cruelty free and vegan! We are proudly certified by PETA.
Are your diapers dermatologically tested?
Yes! Our diapers are proudly certified by Dermatest.
What is the gel inside the diaper?
Most disposable diaper contain a super-absorbent material (SAP) mixed with the fluff pulp in the diaper core. The SAP absorbs liquid and turns into a gel significantly improving diaper absorbency. 
SAP materials are safe, non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritating and used throughout the sanitary industry.
I've found some gel on my baby's skin
On occasions a small amount of gel (SAP) can come out of the diaper core and onto your baby's skin. It can be removed with a baby wipe or damp washcloth.